Code of ethics

Code of Ethics

The Code of ethics of Dio Pars Company is a document with motion of patina and morality that cause breeding intelligence, authority, and depth of thought for personnel. For doing this task, they should help each other with professional behavior.


General ethics

  • Trying to protect the health of humans, society, earth, and their sources.
  • Supporting the human value and respect to all the personalities and behave them in justice.
  • Worth giving to human dignity, truth worthy, royalty and conscience.
  • Having good behavior, show respect and decorum, cheerfulness, and punctuality.
  • Taking care of all personal and public information.
  • Supporting the value and respect to real and virtual ownerships, their intellectual asset, and technical knowledge of Dio Pars Company.
  • Protecting the financial interactions and business negotiations.




Professional ethics


  • Trying to improve the best quality, effectiveness, and efficiency in the process and services of Dio Pars Company.
  • Increasing insight and merit and trying to develop knowledge of personnel.
  • Being aware of the codes of organization and observing them.
  • Acting on obligations and professional duties of personnel.
  • Being aware of the factor of professional decision and their consequences.
  • Managing the parts of organization which they are in it.
  • Defining the professional responsibilities of personnel and persuade them to be responsible.
  • Managing the personnel and services of Dio Pars Company.
  • Supporting personnel’s activities and their innovations.
  • Creating facilities for teaching the basis and the limits of the process and services of the organization.