About Us

About Us

DioPars Company is joint venture of Afrand Atlas Co. and Dio Corporation, aiming to transfer modern technologies in digital dentistry, implantology and other virtuosities and take advantage of local and regional market.

Afrand Atlas Co. was known as the exclusive representative of DIO Implant products in the market of Iran since 2007 to 2016 July 22nd. During 8 years and half, it included 18 branches and 120 personnel that covered all over the country. This factors led DioPars to be the owner of striking share of dental market as the largest dental organization in Iran and its successful performance is completely obvious.

DIO Corporation is one of the best implant manufacturers in South Korea and member of Korea Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ), with the world’s largest market in five continents around the world.

In recent years, mentioned company has introduced the fifth generation of full digital dentistry solution named DIOnavi to the world dental market which was considerably taken by implantologists around the world.

The country’s high potential of dental market and the successful performance of Afrand Atlas Co.  over the past years, and also the global success of DIO due to high quality products and innovation in the digital field, on the other hand, led to the agreement of the managers of the two companies to found a joint venture in Iran.

The newly stablished Joint-venture was officially launched in 2016 22nd  of July, meanwhile Afrand Atlas Co. continued its activity in the legal form of the joint venture.

At the end, we congratulate the cooperation between DIO IMPLANT of South Korea and Afrand Atlas Co. as a new approach to a more knowledgeable, more experienced, and future-minded world. We would like to thank you and all those who have chosen DIO IMPLANT.